My name is Jennifer, or Jenn for short, if you prefer. I am a nearly 30 year old mum (and step-mum) to three beautiful boys and happily with the love of my life, Ricky. We are cat people, but my husband would love to get a dog. Lol We will see about that in the future. I live on the south east side of the United States but grew up more up north with my family originally hailing from Poland. I know 8 languages, however, one of them I can read but cannot speak – don’t ask. Lol I learned how to read Russian, but I never took the time to learn how to speak it.

A majority of my time is spent as a housewife and stay at home mum. However, I do spend a large amount of my time online where I work hard as an activist for Medical Freedom, Homelessness, and Rape Culture. I spend a great deal of my life working to raise awareness regarding these issues and to bring knowledge to people about them. I will not stay silent and in time, you will come to see all this in my posts as well.

While it may sound like I spend all my free time online, that’s simply not the case. I love to read, collect (hoard) books (both physical and digital), write with my best friend, Andy, go to amusement parks, travel in our RV (which is also our home), relax in the pool, go shopping (when I have money), and spend time with my wonderful neice, Ella. I also enjoy practicing my divination when I’m not being bombarded by my husband, the kids, or a cat. Lol

Career wise, I am an artist and a writer. I work with my art styles but my speciality and greatest love is with acrylics. As a writer, I suck! Lol I have a very hard time sitting down and actually getting things done like I should or like I want to. I am a good writer though, when I actually write. I’m also a poet! While I make no money doing any of this right now, I do hope to some day. My husband and wonderful friends have been so supportive as well.