Sugar-Baby Meets WordPress

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icon I finally moved over to WordPress. It feels so strange. For so long, I’ve used FanUpdate. I was having problems though and I wanted something where I could edit my site easier. So WordPress was just the better option.

Don’t get me wrong. I love FanUpdate and would recommend it to anyone! It just wasn’t convenient to use anymore though. So I’ve moved pretty much all of the pages over to WordPress. I haven’t made any changes to the pages really yet, but it’ll come at some point. I’m really in no rush to revamp my website. I love it then way it is. Yeah, there are some things I’d like to change, but I’ll get around to it in time. :)

Of course, I do plan on revamping all of the site pages. It’ll take some time, but that’s my next plan for Sugar-Baby. :)

So I’m done the move. I still haven’t figured out how to import all of the old FanUpdate posts and comments over though. So if anyone does know how, tell me please! :D Thank you!

That’s it for now. A short update, I know, but I just wanted to let you all know of the change! :) I’m pretty proud of it honestly.

1 thought on “Sugar-Baby Meets WordPress”

  1. Well, it looks great :)
    It may take some time, but WordPress is so much more organized and the control panel/dashboard has everything pretty much laid out for you and done for you. You
    really don’t have to do much as far as coding your own layout and such is concerned.
    If you wantt o make your own theme, I would just practice using a premade template
    or something. Either way, good luck with it all! I went from Cutenews to WordPress!


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