Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015!

icon As I reflect on the past year, I see how much things have changed for me. The end of the year is coming and the start of a new year is about to begin. For once, I’m really pretty excited. I think, well, I’m hoping that a lot of good things will continue to happen. :) In past years, everything has been the same really. It was like an endless replay of the same shit just in a different place or something. This year started out that way, but it sure didn’t end that way! :D And I’m really glad!

In this year, I dated a guy who I later broke up with. We later started hanging out as friends and I fell in love with him. We never got back together though, even though he had wanted too. He lost me the first time around, I guess I lost him the second time around. I had never fallen in love before though and it was amazing. Sad and amazing all at once. I just wish that I had realized what he had meant to me sooner.

I bought a truck, an 88 Ford Bronco II. I sold that truck.

I learned that I love mudding and off-roading and that it’s a ton of fun! It was something that I never liked as a kid. I never dreamed that I would enjoy it this much now, but I do! :love: It’s so amazing! I’m so glad that Joey introduced me to it.

Met Joey’s parents and cousin and made friends with them. Which is really awesome. They’re cool to hang out with. ^-^ So I’m glad I met them all too.

Bought a second truck, a 98 Chevy Blazer. It’s my baby now. :) I love it. It takes me everywhere. I’m never home anymore! :rockout: Lol!

Started going out partying a ton more. Met a ton of guys off-roading and made so many new friends! It’s wonderful!

Met Joey’s ex girlfriend, Amanda, who is now one of my close friends. :) She’s awesome and I love hanging with her. Just as long as she ain’t getting us into trouble! :P

Got my drivers license as well as met my bff, Shaiann. :D I’ve known her online for over 10 years? And we finally got to meet in real life! She was a huge help and support in getting my license! I really couldn’t have done it without her. :cheer:

I’ve fallen in love with country music that I used to cringe every time I heard. Now I love it! It’s all I want to listen to. Lol

Had my truck’s breaks cut as well as it spray painted twice. Also had someone fuck with the radiator so it has a serious leak. Not cool. :( I’m sure I know who was involved with this though. But I’m not gonna say anything about that here. <-< Smh. I did get a boyfriend though this year! His name is Jeff and we've been dating since December 3rd. So not long, but I'm happy with him. He makes me laugh all the time. I really like that. =^-^= He can be a bit clingy and super jealous at times, but I guess that's okay. He helps me out and takes care of me. I enjoy spending time with him and when he's an ass, we fight, and I cuss him out, then we get over it. Lol. I can live with that! I've also started talking to my dad and we're not arguing. He's even helped me by paying for my license and got me new off-roading tires for my truck! =D My friend, Robert, bought me a BB gun. It's just a handheld, but it's really nice! :) I love it! I'm super happy with it! :D So the year started out really dull, going through the same old stuff and nothing ever changing. But by the end of the year, I've changed. Who I was then and who I am now are completely different. I mean, everything that I used to love doing are things I'm not so into anymore. Like, I used to spend all my time online. I loved being online and now... eh. I don't care so much. I'd rather do other things. I go out more and I'm so much happier. :D I mean, yeah, there are still days where I feel down and all, but a lot of the time I'm out having a lot of fun. I'm talking to more people and everything. I'm always having something to do. It's amazing. I feel alive for the first time. I'm really hoping to make this coming year offer the same experience. I already plan to go to Katsucon and hopefully where my first cosplay. I hope to meet some more friends there. :) I want to go to more parties, off-roading more, and mudding. Meet more people there! I plan to buy another vehicle. Maybe even get my first job! :D I plan to publish a book this year as well. Not to mention I want to learn how to play Airsoft and start going to an arena to play. That'll be great and a lot of fun! I think I'll sell this one BB gun that I own. It's currently in storage, but I don't want or use it. It can't be messed with in an Airsoft arena. So I think I'll sell it. It's worth a lot. :) During this coming year, I have a lot planned and many things that I want to do. I'm motivated to do things with my life. I want to be happy and make friends. I want to enjoy life and do the things that I love. It's that simple and so that's what I'm going to do. The one thing that I learned this year is that it's my life and only I can be in control of the path it takes. It's my job to make a change. It's my choice to do things. I can't wait for everyone else to do shit for me. That's bull. I don't want to wait around forever. I don't want to wait around at all. So I'm not going to anymore. I don't need to. :) In closing, the start of the new year didn't start off to great. 45 minutes into the new year, I totaled my truck in a car accident. I was driving around with my friends and made a left hand turn. This woman didn't have her headlights on so I never saw her when I looked. She hit my truck so hard that we were thrown like 20 feet, onto the opposite side of the road, and in the opposite direction. It was a really bad accident. O.O!! My dad and the officers on scene said that if I hadn't hit my breaks when I did or if I had pulled out a moment sooner, we would have been t-boned and we'd likely either be dead or all seriously injured. Luckily, none of us were seriously injured. Just bumps and bruises basically. So that's good. :) It is depressing that I totaled my truck, but I'm alive and I'll just have to find a way to get another vehicle. Things always manage to work themselves out. I'll find a way to make this work out too. I'm not gonna let this stop me or put a damper on my spirits. This is a new year and it can go any way that I wish. It can go like last year where I didn't have a damn vehicle from February until November or it can go differently. I'm going to make it go differently. No if, ands, or buts. :P