Navel Piercing/Hole Stretching

Well, I know a few friends who have had their navels pierced. Well, sometimes you come to a piece of¬†jewellery¬†that doesn’t quite fit. But you really love it! Or you simply bought it not realizing it was too big. I’m pretty¬†experienced¬†in piercing stretching, so I thought maybe I should share my knowledge and¬†experience¬†in this.

Now, I am NOT a professional. This is ONLY based on my previous¬†experiences. I have stretched many piercings and done for/helped many friends with their stretching. I’ll be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability. Navel piercing is NOT the same as stretching an ear piercing, eye brow, tongue, or ANY OTHER piercing. This tutorial is for navel stretching ONLY.

Okay, so, lets begin.

Now, you need to know and remember that the navel is more delicate then ears. So you’ll want to do it slowly.

  • If you already know your gauge size, you can skip this step. If not, read. You must know your gauge size before continuing with this tutorial. To find out your gauge size, go to your nearest piercing center and find out what your gage size is. You can also buy a cheap piece of¬†jewellery¬†and if it fits – read the gauge size on the¬†jewellery¬†container to find out your size.
  • Once you know your size, get a slightly bigger one. (This site has a great and pretty accurate gauge¬†refrence¬†to help.)
  • Take a shower/bath – a nice long and warm/hot one. It’s not rush! :)
  • Clean the navel hole out REALLY well while you’re in the shower/bath.
  • When you get out, don’t dry off your navel or the area around it! You want to keep it wet. It helps.
  • Get some (I recommend)Bacitracin. Put a good amount on the area of the¬†jewellery¬†that goes through the navel hole. Its better to put too much on then too little! No worries, this medicine will NOT burn! :)
  • Put some of the medicine around the navel piercing hole.¬†No worries, this medicine will NOT burn! :)
  • Try to slip the¬†jewellery¬†in SLOWLY. It WILL hurt. DO NOT FORCE IT. You may have to try a few times. Or just push (apply a small amount of¬†pressure) & hold the piece of¬†jewellery¬†at the hole.
  • Slowly, it should begin to enter the hole.
  • You’ll need to be patient! This can take a while. (hour+ in some cases)
    But if you force it, you could get a body reject reaction. Which could¬†tear the hole itself,¬†leave a permanent scar, and you won’t be able to wear navel¬†jewellery (ever)¬†again. So you really need to take your time! Don’t rush it! You could really hurt yourself!
  • WARNING: Also, be aware that if your navel bleeds, STOP. Take a break. Wait till it stops bleeding. Clean it. And try again.
  • If you see any tearing, STOP. DON’T try again. Put a LOT of medicine on it!¬†(I recommend¬†Bacitracin.) Put a small piece of¬†jewellery¬†into the hole so it doesn’t close. More medicine! If the tear gets worse within the next 24 to 48 hours, go to your local piercer!

If your hole stretched and the jewellery has gone through, then great! :D Not all people can stretch their navels. So please remember not to force it.

For those wondering, my first stretching took 4 hours. Your breaks should be short and even then, you should hold the¬†jewellery¬†pressed to the navel hole. As I said, it will hurt. You can’t expect it not too. Just take your time.

Finally, if you’re having problems or questions or even concerns, come and talk to me! You can either email me or comment below! :) I’ll be happy to help in any way that I can. :)

No question is a stupid question!!!