Hair cut! I adore it!

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icon I cut my hair last week! I was feeling really good! It was the first day after not being able to hear out of my right ear in over a week and a half. I could hear again out of both ears!! I was thrilled! It was a great day! So I figured, since I felt great and the day was going so well, I’d celebrate with a much desired hair cut! I even straightened my hair! I’m really happy with how it came out and wanted to share. :cheer:

So, I have side cut straight bangs. Along with an inch thick section on only the right that reaches down to my jaw line. Then the rest in a straight cut with the right side shorter then the left. :) It looks really good when my hair is straightened! I haven’t seen it (yet) when my hair is in it’s usual curly mess because well… this blog was scheduled. Lol

Anyway! Here are the pictures! I also thought you all might like to see me without my glasses since I thought this picture came out absolutely amazing!! Even though I couldn’t see the camera to save my life, the picture came out great! Lol

without glasses

new hair cut side view

(If you click on the pictures, you can get a bigger view!)

I really love how the cut came out. :love: Yes, I did do it myself. Yes, I am very proud. Yes, I do love to go with unconventional styles that are all my own. :P It’s more fun that way!

Anyway, I’d love some opinions on it. Be honest! :)

3 thoughts on “Hair cut! I adore it!”

  1. You seem to have done a nice job cutting your hair. It looks as good as if you paid big money for someone else to cut it. You’re right you do look amazing without your glasses and their is no sign at all that you’re eyes are unable to even see the camera let a lone focus on it. Sometimes it’s just nice to take off your glasses for a few pictures to remind everyone how you look without glasses. But you don’t look any less attractive wearing your cute little glasses. (retiredoptician)


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