Perforated Eardrum

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icon For the past three and a half weeks now I’ve had a really bad ear ache. Well, to say the least, it’s been quite the experience and a dangerous one at that! Actually, it’s been really scary, I have to say. x.x

After a week and a half into the ear ache I went to one doctor, since my regular doctor wasn’t available for another week and a half, and I got some medicine. At this point, the ear didn’t really hurt at all. However, I was left completely deaf in the right ear. I couldn’t ear at all out of it. The left ear was completely fine, no problems at all. So, she (the doctor) gave me some medication and sent me along on my way.

We got the medicine filled and I started it right away. I was dying to be able to hear again! This whole, being able to ear part of the time and than completely deaf 89% of the rest of the time just wasn’t cutting it. It was annoying and irritating and I wasn’t happy! I was uncomfortable too and it was irritating me even in my sleep!

Well, my mum, who didn’t really trust this doctor, wanted a second opinion. We’ve had bad experience with this doctor before, but since we were desperate, we went to her anyway. So, she made an appointment for the head doctor who we usually go too. However, I wouldn’t be able to see her for another week or so (I think it was about 5 days or so to be more exact).

Honestly, by the time the week passed, I was so thankful to be going back to the doctor because by this time, I could never hear at all!! Plus, I was starting to get this pain in my jaw and under my ear, like… almost in my neck. Inside my ear felt like someone had blown up a balloon, the pressure was nearly unbearable. I couldn’t stand it anymore! It was actually a lot more then uncomfortable by this point. It was starting to become really painful! At least before it was annoying, but it didn’t hurt! Now it hurt. It hadn’t nor was it, getting any better. It was only getting worse.

So the main doctor looked at it and was actually horrified by what she found. She was really worried and demanded that I not touch my ear. I had to take out all my earrings, no headphones, nothing anywhere near, on, or in my ear. At all. Anything could irritate the ear and she was very clear that this was very important. The ear was very sensitive at the moment.

So… what was wrong you might ask? Well, I had an infection. Not scary right? Of course not. The scary part was that the infection was mixed with a perforated eardrum. This basically means that I have a hole in my ear drum. In short terms, if the infection continued to get worse, it could also end up reaching the brain – much easier thanks to the perforated eardrum. So we needed to clear that up quickly. The other part was, any irritations could make the hole worse, which could cause not only permanent hearing loss but also make it easier for the infection to spread.

Honestly, my mum was furious that the first doctor didn’t see this. The main doctor was pretty shocked too and quickly gave me a whole group of medications along with ear drops. I have to go back to the doctors every 10 days now until the perforated eardrum is completely, 100% cleared up. She’s also sending me in for a hearing test, since I already have hearing problems we’re really hoping that this doesn’t make it worse, but we won’t know till everything is cleared up.

The good news is though, that for the last day and a half, I have actually been able to hear again! I had a major migraine last night and most of today though, so I was laid up in bed. T-T I was really sick and I’m sure that it was all because of this pain that’s still radiating from my ear. The pressure is all gone though from the inside of the ear. I can hear again too. I just have some remaining pain that is doing a lot better!

The doctor said though that I’d likely have some pain as it heals due to how bad it was. I’m just glad that the migraine is gone. I was so sick and I hate that. I am really glad too that I can hear again. Plus, I’ll be going to the ear doctor for a hearing test soon and I have to go back to the doctors again. They have to make sure the infection is, in fact, gone, and didn’t reach my brain or something like that. I didn’t really understand to be honest.

The only thing I did understand was that if it did reach my brain, it could kill me or cause brain problems – like loss of motor skills, etc. So far, all I’ve been is really lightheaded and dizzy. I’m not really one to admit to this but… I’m really kinda scared. I’m sure nothing is wrong! I’m doing a lot better! But… it’s still really scary to get news like that. I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better and reassured after I go back to the doctors. I think I go at the end of the week or something? I’m not sure, mum has it written down.

I’ll tell you all the results. I’m sure, like 100% sure, that everything will be fine, but I just get worried. I get worried a lot more than I let people know. This was just all really scary. I’ll just be really happy when it’s all over!

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  1. What Jennifer says is the absolute truth! I can’t believe that the physician’s assistant {PA) didn’t see the BIG hole in her ear drum! The doctor couldn’t believe the PA missed it. The doctor was furious, especially since Jennifer had been on the WRONG medicine for a week! Her hearing was actually getting worst and more painful by the time we saw our regular doctor. I was afraid she might have brain damage since she gets severe migraine headaches that she can’t get rid of and they had increased in the past few weeks. It’s obvious to me that the PA doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention to what she is doing, especially since this is the second time we have had a bad/wrong experience w/her before. Please feel better quickly, sweetheart! I don’t like when you are in this much pain. T_T

  2. Yay for being able to hear again! I go deaf sometimes, but it’s usually from ear infections or just because my hearing isn’t as great as it should be (hard of hearing, I guess is the term). It’s not really all that fun.

    Hopefully everything goes well!
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  3. I am really sorry that you were going through that and it is absolutely horrible that the first doctor did not see this and help you get treatment.

    I can understand your pain to a certain extent. I have been going through a nasty ear infection as well and has caused me a lot of pain (same pain a long the jaw) and it was so hard to get comfortable or do anything. Mine wasn’t as bad, as I didn’t have any damage to my ear drum. But I also had trouble with the first doctor not giving me the right kind of drops and it wasn’t fixing the actual infection which was so dumb, so I had to see a second doctor as well.

    It is so annoying that some of them can be really careless. The first doctor was one that I have regularly seen for like 8 years. :/

    Hopefully it will be a lot better for you very soon!
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