Don’t even give me that, kiddo.

icon So, I actually wasn’t going to blog about this. It started a few months ago with a really nice comment I left on a blog post an ex-friend of mine posted. I happened to visit her website when blog hoping. I started reading her blog and I kind of have a rule, if I read it, I comment on it. I knew we hadn’t left on the best terms and I figured, you know what, if she’s still angry, she can just choose not to reply.

So I left the comment. It was really nice. I mean, I was really happy for her! She had graduated or something – from some college or class or something, I think. She had just opened a new website. She was starting another website and more. So I was happy for her, because when we left off, she was having troubles managing all of her websites and all. So it was really great to see her getting back on her feet. She loved running her websites. Even better, she was getting ready to re-open a small web hosting site – something she absolutely loved doing!

She had sold her previous hosting company after it became too much for her. Though, I, personally, wouldn’t recommend her as a host because she kept closing and opening and was too indecisive and kept moving servers, that’s up to her. It was something she enjoyed. So whatever. I didn’t tell her that. In the comment, I just told her congratulations and that it was great that she was getting back into the things she loved and all. I mean, even I have to say, the comment was really nice. I honestly only had nice things to say because I really was nothing but happy for her.

After I left the comment, I went on to the next website and forgot all about it. I was reminded about it however a few days later when I checked my email and found an incredibly rude email basically cussing me out. She told me how I was harassing her, stalking her, and all this crap. She told me how I should stop joining her websites (she happened to own a forum that I joined because it looked like fun.) and all this stuff that made no sense. Reading over the email literally made my jaw drop.

I basically just replied to the email telling her that I wasn’t harassing her and she could have just ignored the comment. That I wasn’t stalking her or anything like that and that I had joined her forum because it looked like fun, not because it had anything to do with her. I did say that I thought it was highly unfair and rude of her to ban me from the forum just because it was me joining and not for any other reason. At that, I sent the email and debated blogging about the incident.

It really wasn’t that the issue upset me, because it honestly didn’t. What it did though, was leave me completely and utterly astounded that anyone could act that way. I wondered if out first if it was some kind of joke, but then I realized, this girl wasn’t like that at all. So that wasn’t the case. Definitely not. Over all, her actions just… were so outrageous I wondered if I should have shared it. In the end, I decided against it and just about completely forgot about the incident.

Until a short while ago. I had received an email about a network re-opening. As far as I knew, I worked there and I wasn’t even aware that it had been closed. I was left completely uninformed. I wasn’t about to argue though. So, I went to sign in and do what I was supposed too, but my login didn’t work. So I went to the staff page, having a nagging feeling that I had been removed as that was something this girl would do. Well, come to find out, I had been removed! Surprise! Surprise! Well… not really.

So I contacted them, questioning what was going on with my staffing. Well, she replied back saying in this superior fashion which came off very rudely, that I had been removed from staff. I could reapply to be on that staff but she wouldn’t accept me anyway because it had been established that we couldn’t work together in a professional manner.

I immediately busted out laughing. First of all, she had originally asked me to help her out with the site. I was doing her a favour and now I had to apply just to be denied to do her a favour? What the fuck? That was the first of the bull shit! Like hell I was going to do that! It didn’t even make sense!

That wasn’t even the funniest part of it all though! Let me continue! The fact that she thinks we have a problem is the funniest part here, because there is no we. It’s just her. I have no problem working for or with her. I don’t mind being nice to her at all. I mean, considering the fact that I could put everything behind me and move on in just the comment on her blog, for those who know me, that says something. However, she couldn’t do that, instead she sent me that nasty email, cussing me out – literally. Plus, she blocks me from her forum, just because it’s me and not because I did anything. I’m sorry, but that’s called targeting a person and it’s wrong.

I walked away from it all. Even now, I could use her name and I’m not. Though I seriously think she deserves her name so everyone knows just how childish she is. I’ve moved on. However, this all was just too ridiculous and funny to just pass up. Three strike rule. Nasty email, strike one; target me, strike two; and then this is strike three. Now I had to put something out there. I was too funny to hold back.

I just can’t get over the fact that she thinks we have a problem. I can admit, a year or so ago, we couldn’t get along. We both would have fought back and forth. It would have been a “we” and “us” issue. It’s not now. I think the way I’ve handled these three incidents kinds of proves that.

You don’t cut off your nose despite your face. That’s what I told her and that’s what she really needs to learn. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and move on, passed the anger or hate of a person you used to know. I’ve grown up and these incidents have really allowed me to see that. I mean, I’ve known I’ve been growing up a lot, but this really showed me. I didn’t see it so much before, but I definitely see it now.

At one point, we were on equal ground. We were equals, but now we’re not. I’m so much better and more amazing then that. I’m not some bratty little kid anymore. She’s still stuck back there. One day she’ll step up too, but for now, she’s stuck. Until she can see how childish she is, just like I saw I much of a brat I was. When she does the same, she’ll move forward. Then one day, she’ll feel what I’m feeling right now. I feel so proud because I didn’t fight. I didn’t act like a bratty little kid. I just walked away.

So for now, she can’t play grown up with me. We’re not equals as long as she acts like that. She wants to act like a kid, she can be treated like a kid.

Of course, I still think how she acted is ridiculously hilarious, so I’m saying something. Three strikes and bam! Here it is! I had to do it! Maybe you’ll find it funny too! My mum and I and a few friends have so far!