Can I Say, Chinatown?!

icon I got back from my trip a little early. We weren’t planning to come home until sometime Sunday evening, but we got back at about 5p Sunday. :) It was so much fun! I had such a great time!

Brett was so sweet. He’s very flatting, always telling me how good I look and how beautiful I am. :) It was nice. He’s really nice though. He likes to walk around naked though. I’m not too thrilled with that, but its his choice. He’s not wanting anything sexual, so its fine with me. :)

We actually ended up staying just outside DC, in Arlington, VA. We stayed in the Marriott Crystal City Hotel. Not to be confused with the Marriott Gateway Hotel which was across the street. Lol. The hotel was wonderful. The room was pretty small though, I was surprised. It was a nice room though. The room service kinda sucked. We asked for extra towels like 15 times the first day we got there (Friday), but we didn’t get the extra towels until Saturday. That was frustrating.

The indoor pool had some weird hours for being open. It was a really nice pool though and there were never too many people in it. No loud kids usually. Thank god! At times, we had the pool entirely to ourselves! That was so nice! The woman who worked at the pool really liked me. She only smiled at me – never at anyone else. She only turned the bubbles or offered to turn on the bubbles in the hot tub for me. No one else. lol. It was nice though. :) She had a really pretty smile! She was so nice too! :)

Besides the pool, there was the Bell 10 restaurant down in the lobby of the hotel. I won’t say that the restaurant was bad, but it wasn’t too good either. They didn’t get my order right. The people who worked there were really nice though. I will say that! Their chips tasted kinda… eh. They weren’t very good. Their french fries were great though! I should have ordered some more! lol Oh well.

Oh! Did I mention that the metro station ran directly under our hotel? So we didn’t have to walk like anywhere! We just went down to the lowest level of the hotel, went down a few halls, and we were at the metro station. It was great! Other places had a lot of walking to get to the metro though. It wore me out!

There were a lot of underground shops though! That was so strange! It wasn’t bad, just weird. We didn’t go into any of those shops, but there were a ton!

We also went to Chinatown! That was my favourite part of the entire trip! I must say. It was amazing! I did some serious shopping there. Brett paid for it all too. Thats always the best part! I got a really nice chopsticks set. I got a silk robe. Three summer shirts. A lovely Chinese style dress. That was something that I’ve always wanted! So when Brett bought it for me it was just like… wow! It was so amazing! I also got a skirt at the shop. :)

Oh! And we went to lunch in Chinatown! I think the restaurant was called like Tony’s something. I don’t remember. It was sooooooo good though! It was the best Chinese food that I had ever had in my entire life! I loved it! :hearteyes:

We ended up going to Chinatown twice since I loved it so much. The second time we went, we had lunch at another place. I think it was called Tai Shan’s. Brett loved their food but I thought it was nasty. They couldn’t even make the basic shrimp fried rice. It tasted awful to me! Yuck!

We also went to the Kennedy Center and saw the musical Memphis. It was really good. I loved it so much more then I thought I would! The ending of the show sucked though. The main girl, Felicia, pissed me off so much! See, the show was about a white guy who wanted to be number one on the radio and a black female singer who wanted to become a star. Well, the guy, Huey, did become number one on the radio by playing black people music for white people. Now note, this took place in the 1950’s. So white people and black people weren’t supposed to be together or share things or anything. Well, Huey, put Felicia on the radio. They also fell in love.

I’m going to make this short because I don’t want to go and explain it all. In the end though, Huey lost it all and Felicia became famous and left him. She was too embarrassed to be with a white guy, so she wanted her and Huey’s relationship to be this big secret. Huey loved her for real though and didn’t care what others thought. She ended up leaving him to become famous and she got engaged to some black guy. I think his name was Bill.

I thought that what Felicia did to Huey was so wrong. She really screwed him over. Huey made Felicia and she just left him. She never stuck by him or what he was doing unless it benefited her. So she used Huey and I thought that was really wrong. I hated that. So I hated her. Huey was great though and it was a wonderful show over all. :)

Brett had bought me this beautiful and very expensive dress for the Memphis show. :) He even paid for me to get my hair done. Thats not all though. He bought me REAL pearls! This beautiful pearl and diamond necklace, matching earrings, and four matching hair pins. Its beautiful! I love everything! It was really expensive though! Like woah!! I love the jewelry though. He even got me some fake diamond rings. He got me two and I paid for one. :) Yes, I said fake, but they’re so beautiful, I didn’t care. ;) I really wanted them! I’ll have to take some pictures later.

Oh! We also went to the Natural History Museum. It was great! I loved it! There was so much to see! While we were there, at the gift shop, Brett bought me the cutest stuffed animal. Its a panda! I named him Tai Shan. :) He’s so cute! I’ll have to show you pictures of him too. I’ve also got a ton of pictures of stuff at the Natural History Museum!

We also saw the Hope Diamond. Its stunningly beautiful! I loved it! I got a ton of pictures. I got some pictures of some other beautiful pieces of jewelry too. :D I’ll post those pictures up too.

Over all, everything was so much fun. We took a taxi a few times. We went on metro. We got room service. We went out to lunch and dinner every day/night. Everything was wonderful! I haven’t had that much fun in such a long time! :D It was so great!

Now Brett and I are planning to go to Vegas in July! :D I’ve never been obviously, but I’ve always wanted to go. It’ll be great! :D I’m really excited! :D I just wish that I was 21 so that I could go and gamble and stuff. :( Makes me sad. It’ll be a great trip though!