Some People Need Lives

So, I encountered the most absolutely ridiculous thing today. I encountered adults whose actions would have qualified them for a high school drama club. In recent months I had been posting online asking for help with obtaining certain things as well as selling stuff. It’s all on Facebook. The social network has really made buying and selling things easier and easier. So I’ve started really using it to try and obtain things that Ricky and I need.

Anyway, apparently a few ladies have had a big problem with my choice of what to ask for. Like, apparently I’m no longer allowed to have my cats or any animals because Ricky and I have fallen on hard times which includes some money troubles. Like apparently I’m a terrible pet owner because we happened to have a flea infestation. Like oh my god. Are you fucking kidding me? That shit happens. It’s known around here that fleas have been really bad. We had been dealing with them, only having them here and there, no big deal. Then our vacuum broke and no, we couldn’t afford to replace it.

We were trying other ways to manage the infestation but you know what? It just wasn’t working. So I started looking online for some other remedies get rid of fleas and found that there were plenty of other options but we didn’t have any of the supplies and couldn’t really afford them with other stuff going on. So I asked online to try and get some get with obtaining some of the items. Lots of people wanted to offer advice – which in all honesty, I had more then enough of but it was still appreciated. Then we had other people who didn’t want to offer advice or help. They just wanted criticize and shit about how we should get rid of the cats and blah, blah, blah. Like seriously. They could have fucked off with their drama.

Anyway, come back to today, several women decided to cause a shit ton of drama over the entire thing. We’re struggling a bit to give the boys good Christmas. We have the boys for the holiday and we don’t want our financial issues this year to affect them. That’s just not fair to them because they haven’t done anything. They’re kids. Financial problems shouldn’t affect them or have anything to do with them. So I’ve been seeking help with just getting them some new or gently used gifts, you know? No big deal. Well, it’s a big deal to the boys but not really anyone else. lol

Well, the women cause their drama with how we’re awful parents for letting the kids live in a flea infested home and all that. Well, first of all, we don’t have custody of the children and it’s gnothing to do with fleas. Second, fleas aren’t uncommon. It has nothing to do with living in a filthy home or anything like that. We live right up the street from a beach and water. Fleas around here are very common. Not to mention, the fleas were terrible this year! Not just for us but for everyone. Also, we’ve since handled the fleas with a huge thank you to the woman who donated a vacuum to us as well as all those who donated supplies to help kill off the fleas. So yeah. The fleas are still kinda bad but they are so much better. Like OMG. You have no idea!

But these women don’t want to hear about that. They just want to criticize us and dictate our lives. Like telling us what awful parents we are and how we should get rid of our cats because we can’t afford them. Like, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to make a permanent choice for a temporary problem. The financial issues will get better. They’re not going to last forever. Giving away or selling my cats is a permanent choice. It’s not something I can take back once we can afford them again.

Not to mention, we might be struggling and doing without some of the things we want, but you know what? We’re doing fine with the things we need. We manage to pay all of our bills – maybe it’s not always right on time, but they get paid. We’ve also managed to take them to the vets – Callie is currently being treated for an eye ulcer. So none of them or us are living without things we need. We manage and that’s what counts.

Maybe Christmas right now is more then we can afford and that’s why people created those freecycle groups on Facebook. It’s for people who do need help and that’s a place where they can go to seek it. Christmas isn’t about us. It’s about our two sons and these women just wanna make it into a drama-fest that none of us want to deal with.

The sad part is that they decided to take it so far that they contacted a group that meant a lot to me. It was Pet Exchange of Maryland. I was an admin and active member of the group. So many of these women contacted the admin that I was not only removed as an admin, but I was banned as a member. And I’m sorry, but that just wasn’t fair. How far did these women need to take things and for what purpose? Our lifestyle is our issue and our choice. This is America. A free country. We can have our own choices and live life how we want as long as it doesn’t negatively affect anyone or anything.

I’ll admit, sometimes our house gets dirty or cluttered. But you know what? That’s why people clean! Sometimes I’m sick or not doing as well as other times and you know what? Things fall behind. It happens. It’s not a crime. No one should be punished for getting or being sick. No one should be punished for having financial difficulties. Those are some petty and shitty reasons to get on someone.

We’re human and our homes get dirty. I don’t know how some people manage to keep their homes looking like a god damned model home. I don’t understand that. I can’t live that way and honestly, I wouldn’t want to. I don’t want to live or even be in a home where I’m afraid to put a freaking cup down because their house is so pristine. No, I don’t want to live in filth or something, but there’s nothing wrong with letting a home feel lived in. There’s nothing wrong with a little clutter. Like geez. It’s not going to hurt anyone.

With how these women were acting, you’d think that we just throw our trash on the floor and don’t use a toilet – we just use the floor. Like wtf? Those women were just being down right ridiculous and insulting. It was a rude, drama-fest that had no place even being started.

They said how we were scam artists and how I wasn’t a step-mum because Ricky and I aren’t married and you know what? THAT’S NOT A STEP-MUM! A step-mum is someone who steps up as a parent or as another parent to children. My dad divorced his wife and I still call her my step-mum. Because she still acts like one. She’s still there for me like one. Hell, I call my adoptive sister’s dad, my adoptive dad. I call him dad sometimes. My mum never even dated him! But he was like a dad. He still is. Since my mum and him never dated, I just call him my adoptive dad instead of a step-dad. I adopted him as a dad and he basically adopted me as his kid. He’s part of the family.

Even if Ricky and I broke up, I’ll always make an attempt to be apart of those boy’s lives for as long as they want me there. You don’t enter a child’s life, just to leave. That’s cruel to them and then they have a tendency to blame themselves and that’s not fair either. When I chose to become apart of their life, I made a permanent choice and I’m not going to let some crazy, drama-causing women online change that. I look at our boys like my own. I treat them like their my own. I love them like they’re my own. If they don’t understand that concept, then that’s their problem. Not mine or my fiance’s or my boy’s problem. It’s their problem and they can keep that problem to themselves because I don’t want to hear about or deal with it and frankly, no one else did either.

I don’t know if those women were banned from the group or what happened to them. I do know, however, that I’m still apart of the group. I also know that I’m still going to my best to give our boys the best Christmas we can. We’re saving up for a tree – we found a super nice one for only $85 – and we’ve started gathering ornaments. We’re just struggling with getting them gifts. We don’t want to give them just two gifts each or something. :( We want them to have a nice Christmas. :)

So that’s my priority and that’s what I’m working on. Those women can go and fuck themselves. Their drama isn’t wanted or needed. Their criticism and lies aren’t appreciated.