Hair cut! I adore it!

icon I cut my hair last week! I was feeling really good! It was the first day after not being able to hear out of my right ear in over a week and a half. I could hear again out of both ears!! I was thrilled! It was a great day! So I figured, since I felt great and the day was going so well, I’d celebrate with a much desired hair cut! I even straightened my hair! I’m really happy with how it came out and wanted to share. :cheer:

So, I have side cut straight bangs. Along with an inch thick section on only the right that reaches down to my jaw line. Then the rest in a straight cut with the right side shorter then the left. :) It looks really good when my hair is straightened! I haven’t seen it (yet) when my hair is in it’s usual curly mess because well… this blog was scheduled. Lol

Anyway! Here are the pictures! I also thought you all might like to see me without my glasses since I thought this picture came out absolutely amazing!! Even though I couldn’t see the camera to save my life, the picture came out great! Lol

without glasses

new hair cut side view

(If you click on the pictures, you can get a bigger view!)

I really love how the cut came out. :love: Yes, I did do it myself. Yes, I am very proud. Yes, I do love to go with unconventional styles that are all my own. :P It’s more fun that way!

Anyway, I’d love some opinions on it. Be honest! :)