Thorns from a Friend

icon It really feels like it’s been a long time since I wrote or even updated my blog. Well, looking, my last post was back in February… Um… whoops? It’s been hard without having any internet except for on my phone. :( It’s really a pain in the butt, honestly. It makes it difficult to run my hosting company and everything, but I’ve been managing somehow.

Let’s see… I guess a lot has happened and changed. I’ve changed. I met a new friend and her name is Bunny. She’s really cool. We were hanging out all of the time and I gave her like $1500 worth of stuff only to find out this past week, that she didn’t appreciate any of it. I mean, it was just stuff like a free tattoo done by my friend, a purse, food, etc. But it was all stuff that I had to pull favours to get or I paid for.

Like when I got food, I also got her something too. My friend was doing my tattoo for free, I got him to do her’s too. I got this cute purse at WalMart from a friend who worked there, I pulled a few strings and got her one too. So I got her all sorts of free stuff. Multiple movie tickets too! I know a lot of people. Lol

The past two weeks though, I’ve been asking her to give me rides, like she usually does. One week she was busy the whole time. Okay, I understand. We all have lives. So it was no big deal. The next week, every time I asked, she would avoid the question or ignore it or just not answer. Finally, I popped the question in an unexpected way and she answered. She told me that she didn’t want to give me free rides anymore. So I was confused because I pay for all the rides she gives me.

So I asked her what she was talking about and she explained to me that she was referring to the rides up to Starbucks and the grocery store when she worked. She said that she wanted $5 per ride. I was pissed at that point. Why? Because here’s the deal, she would pick me up on the way to work and take me home on her way home. So why was I pissed? Because she only had to drive 0.1 mile out of her way. It cost her $0.11 to pick me up and take me home. And I was HAPPY to pay for the gas I used, no problem. But I’m not using $5. Gas is $2.61 a gallon here, right now. She’s not using anywhere NEAR a gallon of gas to drive .1 mile, let alone using more gas than that! So why should I pay for it?!

That’s enough money for her to pick me up, drop me off in the shopping center, go to her boyfriend’s house, go to work, pick me up, and take me home, and she would STILL have gas left over. I’m not paying her to go anywhere else. I’m paying for the gas that I use and not anything more. That’s been the agreement since she started giving me rides.

Plus, I mean, it just felt like she was trying to rip me off and I was hurt. So I got upset. Of course, the more I tried to explain how I felt and how that wasn’t a fair price, the more she started trying to say I was taking advantage of her or something. The fact was that she was taking advantage of me and was using me. :( She basically saw me as a free ride or a cash cow and it was really hurtful.

I don’t have a lot of money. In fact, it’s rare that I have any right now. But when I had it, I wouldn’t leave her out. If I ate, so did she. If I was seeing a movie, so was she. If I was doing something, so was she. You know, if she wanted too. And it was always my treat. Yeah, I got a lot of stuff for free, but it was still at my expense, being I might be able to get something later or I cashed in my favour with that person. Cause I knew she didn’t have much and she struggled just like me. She had it rough too.

But it was like… no matter what I did or gave her or got her, it wasn’t enough. She constantly wanted more without ever giving anything back. It’s like I had to buy her friendship and it was really hurtful. She didn’t even appreciate what I got or did for her. Yeah, she said thankful, but she never acted thankful or even show her thanks… Let alone for her to demand more.

I’m all for helping out and paying for the gas I use. Hell, if she gave me a ride to the shopping center where she works, every time she worked, I’d give her $5 a week! (For the record, I’d only technically owe her $1.10…) But I’m not petty and I don’t mind helping. Cause I appreciate her giving me rides. But that doesn’t mean she can take advantage of my kindness and generosity either… :(

Anyway, so I was venting online about the whole thing, not going into detail. Well, I think the worst part of the whole thing was that like 15 of her friends messaged me. And not one of them stuck up for her. Not a single one of them had anything nice to say about her. They called her some terrible names that I won’t repeat and even called her a gold digger. I won’t say that isn’t true, cause by the end, it definitely felt that way, but… It was just really sad that they’re her friends, people I didn’t even know! And they all thought so negatively of her. :( I’m not one to pity someone but… I felt really bad for her.

One of my friends, Taylor, ended up confronting her and pointing out how badly Bunny was treating me. She used Bunny’s own words against her. And Bunny just… totally shut down. She cussed out my friends and even my mum! No one disrespects my friends, let alone my mother! That was just like, fuck no.

For the record, she still hasn’t apologized.

On Monday she goes to see my friend to get the free tattoo that I set up for her… I was thinking of contacting him to tell him not to do it, but in all honesty, I’m not like that. Just because someone does me wrong, doesn’t mean I screw them over. If I say I’m gonna do something, I follow through and I don’t screw them over. Yeah, I could be a total bitch and tell him not to do it free and tell him not to tell her. I could do that but… I won’t. That would be cruel, but I also feel she deserves it. I’m not like that though and at times like this, I kinda wish I was…

That said, I think that I may contact him Sunday and just recommend he not do it and explain that she won’t appreciate it, recommend anyone to him, or even credit him. But leave the final decision if he wants to do the tattoo over to him. But just recommend to him that he not do it. I may do that Sunday. We’ll see, I guess..