My 21st Birthday!

icon I am finally 21! I can’t believe it! Honestly though, I don’t feel any different really. Like when I turned 20, I felt so different. This year though, I don’t really feel any different or anything. I just… to be completely honest, I wish I was only 7 or 8 years old again, instead of 21. Being a kid was so much easier, less scary, and a lot less painful! However, there’s no way to turn back the clock, so here I am! :D

My birthday was really simple because this month and next we’re really tight on money. I’m going to prom! No worries, I’ll blog about that shortly and tell you everything! :cheer: Anyway! Since we were so tight on money, mum couldn’t really afford any gifts or anything. So we’ll be really celebrating my birthday after prom or so. :)

However, I had a pretty nice birthday. I got a Carvel icecream cake, a vanilla/gold buttercream cake from Giant, an average sized balloon that says 21, as well as a HUGE balloon that says Happy Birthday, and I got to go out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse – one of my favourite restaurants! :love: The sucky part though was that internet was out for the entire week and on my birthday. :( So I couldn’t spend my birthday with my online friends like I usually do every year.

One thing I have to tell you about though! At the restaurant, I brought my ID and the manager and waiter refused to let me order liquor. All I wanted was a beer and they refused. I was so pissed! And they were really rude about it too. I mean, the exact same restaurant has served me liquor at 16! So now I’m 21 and they say no? I was so angry! They were really rude about it too. In fact, they were rude about everything!

So, my mum ended up ordering the beer that I wanted – a Budweiser. However, close to when we were getting ready to go, the manager saw me take a sip of it and took it away. I was really insulted. I mean, I had an ID that said I was 21 and they had served me way before I was 21 anyway!

The thing that really made my mouth drop however, was the fact that they didn’t sing Happy Birthday. Personally, I didn’t care if they did or not. However, you know how when you go to a restaurant they always want to sing you Happy Birthday as soon as they find out it is your birthday? So they usually ask during your meal or sometimes they just do it! However, when we were packing up our food, my mum was really angry about it. So she said something. Especially since they had sung happy birthday to at least a hand full of other people while we were there.

The waiter said that they were about to sing to me and everything! My mouth literally dropped open. They were going to sing to me, what? As we walked out the door of the restaurant? I was really insulted! So I asked them, ‘Since when do you sing happy birthday to people as they’re leaving?’ and the waiter replied. ‘We always do it this way.’ or something like that.

I knew instantly that this was a lie. I mean, I’ve been coming to this restaurant since it opened over what… 10 years ago? This wasn’t the first birthday that I had celebrated there. They NEVER come to sing when you’re getting ready to leave. Nor did they do this to any other person. They sang for everyone else there while the people still had food in front of them.

At that point, I told the waiter not to even bother. I felt insulted that they wanted to sing to me not only after we asked about it, but they wanted to do it while we were leaving basically. I told them that they were just insulting me at this point and I thought it was very rude.

One of the waitresses that had come over to sing with our waiter said in a very rude tone, “At least you’re alive.” and then she doesn’t understand why I’m offended. When we spoke to the manager about it, she thought it was a very nice comment! Again, mouth drop! =0 I don’t really care how a person says that, nice tone of voice or nasty. It’s still very offensive and rude to say to anyone.

So, over all, my experience at said restaurant was terrible. That being said, the food was delicious! :hearteyes: So even though the service and staff were terrible, I enjoyed the food. :) Plus, I got not only one balloon, I got two! :heartsie: And I love, love, LOVE balloons! So that was great too!

Thankfully, now internet is back up too! So that makes me super happy as well. :D I got a million birthday wishes on facebook. I was kind of disappointed that so few of my twitter and IM friends didn’t wish me happy birthday. That kind of upset me, because they usually do. :( However, maybe they just forgot or didn’t see my status updates saying it. :eyerol: I guess, anyway.

Anyway! I had a really nice birthday over all. I looked really pretty, had some great food, and got super fat on cake! :D Lol Plus, I got balloons! =D So that was great! I’ll tell you about my birthday gifts when I get them at a later date. :) I’ll also blog about prom soon!