All in All

icon To be quite honest, I have so much to blog about. Things have been really good and really bad all at the exact same time. I guess I’ll start with the bad news, then the good! :)

So, the bad news is, our cell phone died. It’s totally, completely, 100%, never to be revived, broken. It really sucks because we lost everything on it. All the phone numbers and photos and everything. I’m pretty upset about it honestly. :( Since it was a cheapo phone, there’s nothing they can do about it They can’t get anything off of it or anything. So i’m really bummed about it…

Next, I haven’t been taking any of my medications for the last month and a half, almost 2 months now. Why? We haven’t been able to afford them… So now I have a period again! UGH! So I feel miserable times 2. One because I’m not on any of my meds and two because I have a period. Worst thing ever. :/

Finally! This is the real killer! To me anyway Lol. My netbook broke. :/ How? I honestly have no idea whats so ever. I sat down to use it one day, opened it up, and turned it on and as the screen loaded I saw that it had this HUGE crack right across the screen. Only a half inch at the top of the screen is visible. All the rest is either black or a mix of colours. I was so pissed and upset. So I’ve been completely without a computer for the last few months. :(

Now for the good news!

On Halloween, mum and I drove all of the way to Virginia to get me a new laptop. It was free on a first come, first serve basis. I got it! I’m so happy! It’s a Dell Inspiron running on Windows Vista with a total of 3 gigabytes of ram. <3 I'm so happy! No. I'm thrilled!! It’s got a few things wrong with it. Like, the period key on the keyboard sometimes works and other times it doesn’t. The “u” key is missing entirely, but it still works. The laptop also needs a new battery, but that’s only $15 online. So everything wrong with it is easy or really cheap to fix. :) So I don’t mind it at all. :)

I also went trick or treating with my friend, Robert, though I’m currently mad at him. That’s another story though. I got a ton of candy while we were out though. So I’m completely thrilled about that! <3 My shoes, which are really cheapo (got em for $5) are new though and weren't broken in when I wore them to go trick or treating. So now the back of my ankles are all cut up. Lol. It's okay though. I'll live. I got free candy! xD Finally, Robert, gave me his old cell phone and turned it on for a month. So now we have a phone again! Plus! It's a smart phone! I just got it the other day. I'm so happy about that too! <3 We also can't forget that this month starts NaNoWriMo. For those of you who don't know, that's short for National Novel Writing Month. Which started today; November 1st! I'm determined to win this year too! I did really well last year, but didn't win. This year I intend to win No questions asked.