What is Wrong with Me?

icon Good news and bad news. Good news is that i am so ready to change the site layout! The bad news is that I can’t find one that I want to put up and I don’t feel like making one. Lately, I don’t feel like doing much of anything. I’m unmotivated and uninspired. The only thing I can get myself to do is play The Sims Social on facebook and sleep. That’s it. Great life, huh?

I don’t really feel depressed, I just feel… empty. Like, I don’t feel anything. I’m just tired. I mean, I’ve been approved for a ton of fanlistings recently for topics that I absolutely LOVE. I’m completely thrilled that I’ve been approved for these listings! However, I just haven’t had the push to get them up and running. i hate it because I feel like a bad fanlisting owner. :( I don’t want to feel like that. At the same time though, i just can’t find the drive to do what I’m supposed too. I feel completely and utterly irresponsible and its the worst feeling ever.

I’ve always been a little late with getting things done. I’m always needing more time. Things are always slipping my mind and I’m always procrastinating. That being said, I’ve always been really responsible. i rarely just don’t do it. I may do it the night before its due, but I usually do get it done. Lately, I’m just letting dead lines come and go and not even caring. I’m still going like “Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow.” I’m procrastinating to the point that its getting way out of hand and I just don’t know what to do. its just not like me to be this bad.

Lately, i don’t even want to get online. I just want to lay in bed and sleep all of the time. yeah, I feel physically exhausted, like, more then usual, but still. I’m usually pushing myself to at least get online. usually so that I can RP over IM and just over all talk to my friends. Any more though, I’m not getting on IM, looking at my sites, getting on twitter, or even looking at twitter! I’m not doing anything. Just wanting to sleep.

I just don’t understand whats wrong with me. Sure, I’ve been unmotivated before, but I’ve found a way to at least get stuff done like I’m supposed too. Now though, I can’t even do that. I’m not sure how much longer I can go on before I don’t get out of bed at all. Right now, at least I’m getting out of bed, but this all is getting worse. I can see myself in just a month or so, not getting out of bed at all. Not even to eat. :/ Its not like me. Sure, I love to sleep! I can admit it. I don’t like to sleep endlessly though and that’s definitely where this problem is headed. Its getting crazy! i just don’t know what to do…

I need help. I just don’t know what kind of help.