It Still Doesn’t Seem Real

icon I went to prom! I really can’t even believe it! I’m still stunned. I mean, I have always dreamed of going to prom, ever since I was a little girl. I saw my best friend’s brother go to prom with his – at the time – girlfriend. The two of them looked so amazing and when they got home, they talked about how much fun they had! As I got older, more and more of my friends were going off to prom and home coming and all that. I never got to go to high school really. I was home schooled from 7th to midway through 10th grade.

After that, I was forced to drop out of school because I was too sick at the time. I was sick all of the time and I just couldn’t go. I wasn’t getting any better either because my doctor back then didn’t care to run the right tests or even really try to figure out why I was so sick. So, I could never go back and before I was able to get better, we lost our home and became homeless. We were so busy trying to stay afloat and eat and all, that school, or even thinking about it, was just too out of the question.

It’s funny, when I went to school, I always hated it. I hated waking up early, studying, taking tests, and sitting through classes. However, as I saw my friends going to school, as I heard of them graduating, and moving on to college… I realized more and more that I wanted to go back to school. I too wanted to work hard. No, school wasn’t fun, but it was something important. Something that I too wanted to do. I wanted to do all those things that I hated, but I couldn’t. We were homeless for way longer then we ever thought we would be and before I knew it, I was turning 20 and we were still homeless. It wasn’t until mid December 2013 that we found a place to live – if only temporarily. We rented a room.

It was too late to go to school, to go to high school and experience all those high school things. There was one thing, I still wanted to do though. One thing I dreamed of even more then going to high school and experiencing all that. I wanted to go to prom. Everyone made it seem to important and special and now that I’ve gone… I feel like it really was important and it was special. So special.

My friend, Robert, who was a senior in high school invited me to his prom. Out first, I figured, ‘yeah sure, he’ll invite me and that’ll be it.‘ I never expected him to fulfill his promise and actually take me. I’ve never put any faith in the words of others because I have found that words are full of lies. Words mean nothing. But then in March, he told me about an issue that we came across. I would be turning 21 and the age limit to go to his prom, was 20.

Robert and I went over the ideas of what we could do. We considered a fake ID, using my expired ID and hoping they wouldn’t notice, and finally, I decided that talking to the principal would be the best idea. So, mum and I went in and we spoke to the secretary who went and told her everything. How I had been sick and never went to high school, how we became homeless, and how I had a chance to go. I told her that I don’t drink, I have no criminal record, and I’ve never been in any trouble at all! She went back and spoke to the principal – who was female, by the way.

The secretary came out and asked who my date for the prom would be, to see if he had ever been in any trouble, etc – he hadn’t. She also asked when my birthday was – April 16th. My birthday was smack dab in the middle! Right after tickets went on sale and right before prom. The secretary gave a nervous look but the principal and the teacher in charge of prom set ups both said it was fine! I could go! I couldn’t believe it! I almost started crying right there in the office. I was so happy!

So, Robert got us the prom tickets and mum and I made plans to try and get my prom stuff in April and May. Well, the van never got fixed. The transmission had gone in the van, so it’s been with the mechanic for months now – since February, I think. Well, the mechanic said it would be fixed April 10th – it wasn’t. So he was actually never able to fix it. It’s still at the mechanics to this day – it’s a long story.

So April came and went and we still hadn’t gotten anything for prom! Prom would be on May 23rd. So we rushed around with borrowed cars trying to get everything. It was the week of prom when I finally got everything and boy did we struggle to get things… You can’t even imagine how hard it was and I could never blog about everything that had happened! But we were able to get everything for prom. I got my nails done, dress, shoes, jewelry, and everything I needed!

So let me tell you what went wrong. On the day of prom I went to the hair stylist to get my hair and make-up done. I said I wanted my hair pulled up in curls – lots of curls – with a little coming down the right side of my face. She pulled my hair up into a bun and it was falling down within an hour after I had left. It wasn’t classy, pretty, cute, or even in curls! It was terrible. I could have done it!

As for the make-up… Oh god… She piled the make-up on. I ended up looking like a porcelain doll or barbie or something… It looked awful. I just wanted to wear a bag over my head. I went home and immediately took a shower as that was the only way to get all the gobs of make up off. I didn’t look or feel pretty at all! I didn’t even want strangers to see me! And for me, that’s something because usually I don’t give a shit as to what strangers think of me. I looked so bad that I was embarrassed and ashamed to be seen by anyone – even strangers!

So, I went home and showered to get it all off. I could have gotten and made it to another hair dresser and done my own make up before Robert came to pick me up, but Danny wouldn’t let us use his car. He said my hair and make-up looked fine. How could he say that when he never saw it?! So then we asked Nikki – who rents the room next door to ours. She spoke to Danny and then decided that she wouldn’t loan us her car either because she thought my hair and make-up were perfect too. She had been asleep the entire time until at least an hour after I got out of the shower!!! So… what? Now she can see things in her sleep and through walls? I was so pissed and upset!

Mum called everyone we knew and no one was available to give us a ride. Neither Danny nor Nikki were using their cars, but wouldn’t let us use either of them even though they had said previously that they would do everything they could to make sure I was ready and had everything for prom. I hate liars.

So, I ended up having to throw my hair up. It didn’t come out too badly, but I was really upset with it. I loved how I looked otherwise! But I was really upset about my hair. Still am, actually.

I did have so much fun at the prom though. I danced almost the entire time! I saw some people at prom that I knew, including one of my really good friends, Amy! We were acting so goofy and dancing and having fun. :cheer: Over all, I had so much fun! I wish that prom wasn’t over yet! I’m so glad that I got to go. I still can’t believe that I really got to go to prom. I just can’t believe it. It doesn’t seem real! But it was! I am so happy! I actually got to prom. For me, that’s like Cinderella. It was my Cinderella story, I guess. :) It was something that I had always wanted to do and I actually got to do it.

Robert actually kept his promise… It would be one of the few promises that someone has made to me and kept. I can’t stop smiling. :) Robert is a great friend. I’m so happy!