The Reality of Homelessness

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icon I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in quite a while. I’ve already been yelled at by a lot of you. I’m sorry. The thing is, even though I’ve had a ton of different things to blog about, the fact of the matter is though, that I just haven’t had time.

Anymore, all of my time revolves around going to the library and searching for a place to live, checking FaceBook a bit to see if I’ve gotten any replies from people who may help, going to McDonald’s and trying to find someone who will buy us something to eat, asking people if they have any spare change or a few extra dollars they could spare, going to the local community center to shower, and then sleeping. Honestly, there’s just no time for anything.

I hate being this busy. It seems like I’m working so hard and not getting anything done at all. I’m not moving forward. It just feels like I’m sitting at an endless stand still. Plus, no matter what, I just can’t seem to get enough sleep. I could literally sleep for a week straight and still be completely exhausted. It’s just so hard.

So few people realize how hard being homeless really is. No one really understands what it’s like. Most people don’t even know the reality of the situation. Being homeless is the hardest thing a person could ever go through in their lifetime. It’s so expensive and unhealthy and just… it’s terrible. Every day is a literal fight to survive.

It’s so hard being in this mess. It seems like no one cares or wants to help. The police just make things more and more difficult too. I wish I could just go home… but there is no home. There’s no place. Every creature should have a place to call home, a safe shelter. Sadly though, many don’t. There are so many more homeless people then we, ourselves, care to see or realize. Every day you pass by at least one homeless person and you don’t even know.

The media doesn’t help either. They depict homeless people as filthy, dirty people with raggedy old clothes and shopping carts, sleeping on the streets. The reality is though, that most homeless people really don’t look like that. Many belong to gyms where they shower and bathe. They wash clothes. Many sleep in tents in locals forests or in their vehicles or on any couch they can find. Most of the homeless people out there look just like you.

A lot of them have computers and tablets and electronics too. It’s not unusual. Being homeless doesn’t make someone less then human, but that’s constantly how we’re treated. Most homeless people don’t choose to be homeless. No one chooses this life. most of them haven’t even done anything wrong. They’re not druggies, alcoholics, thieves, or whatever. They’re normal people just like you who fell on hard times.

Some people got involved in a scam, like we did, and lost their homes that way. Others have lost jobs and couldn’t afford the rent anymore and were kicked out. Some are running away from abusive family members.

There are even some kids out there, some not even old enough to drive, whose parents have kicked them out. Why? because even adults often don’t realize how hard it is to do anything or to even survive when you’re homeless. A lot of parents especially, think that kicking their kids out of the house is a good way to force them to grow up and live on their own. This isn’t the case though. Yes, it can force them to grow up, but it won’t lead them to a good future. Many people who are homeless, will continue to be homeless for the rest of their lives. There isn’t enough help out there for people like us and the number of homeless people grow every day.

I hate being homeless. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. No on deserves it. It’s constant discrimination, filthy looks, and just over all, a really hard life. Every day is harder then the last. The groups out there who are supposed to help, never do. The reality of the homeless person, is much scarier then you could ever imagine or understand. It’s not easy.

At some people, people say that it gets better, but from my point of view so far, it only gets worse. I pray every day that it’ll get better and who knows, maybe it will be. So far though, I’ve been homeless for 3 years and… really… it’s only gotten worse and harder this the very beginning. I wish it were easy. I wish people did care enough to help, but most don’t.

Being homeless isn’t a choice that people make. We’re not all druggies or alcoholics. Many of us are just like you. That’s what a lot of people fail to understand. You could be homeless too one day. Though I would never wish this upon anyone, it could very easily happen to anyone.

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  1. I wouldn’t really call it “the hardest thing a person could ever go through in their lifetime” because it’s not necessarily true. Others may consider it not as hard as the things they have gone through. Thus, the only true thing you can say about it in that sense/matter is that it is the hardest thing you have ever had to go through in your lifetime thus far.

    I’m glad that you’re okay; I’ve been checking your Twitter and here ever so often.


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