Worse Every Day

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icon Let me start by saying that I am in a terrible mood. Its not going to go anywhere for a long while either. If you follow my twitter, then you already know a little about why and whats going on. However, if you don’t, let me begin by going back to the beginning of last week.

For Christmas I got two things, a navel ring (it was green for the holidays) and a three snow flake necklace. I started wearing both right away because I loved them! At the beginning of last week, I found the bottom ball of the navel ring was missing. I couldn’t find it. So there went that.

A few days later, I was trying to fix the necklace. Somewhere along the line of untangling it, it had gotten caught in my hair and I didn’t realize. So, with a light yank, instead of my hair breaking, the necklace broke. So there went gift number 2.

Finally, the worst came on Friday night. I got up to use the bathroom, McDonald’s was full of people, many of which we saw just about every weekend. So I figured, “who would steal with a room full of people and two people sitting right next to me?” Well, I really needed to use the bathroom and I knew I would only be a minute. So I got up, hurriedly went and when I came back, I noticed right away that my ipad, kindle fire, and iphone were gone. Along with a single group of teenage boys.

My heart immediately sank. I mean, those were my prized possessions and they were gone. I never would have dreamed someone would steal them in a room full of people! Especially after me, the entire room, and the cameras all saw their faces! I mean, who the fuck does that?! I didn’t think anyone could really be that stupid.

Well, we called the police, filed the report and all that. All of the McDonald’s (or all of our friends – which is almost the entire staff. lol) is on the look out and keeping the police informed on every little bit they can find out. Its kind of funny, McDonald’s is more up to date on the case then we are! I guess that’s fine with me.

So, that doesn’t even end the bad luck. Earlier today, the starter went in the van. Now, this wouldn’t be such a mega issue, but, we live in the van. For those of you who aren’t mechanically inclined, when the started in a vehicle goes, it doesn’t start. When a vehicle doesn’t start, there is no heat. Tonight its gone down to 37’F. That’s really cold when your vehicle is made of metal. We have a ’93 chevy van. It retains the cold like a sponge does water. Whats worse is that the inside of the van is often colder then outside! So without heat, its even worse. :/

Oh, did I mention that I have a cold? Mum has the flu – really bad. She’s been to the hospital twice for it over the weekend.

So yeah, my luck this past week has been so fucked up its not even funny. I’ve always been a bad luck magnet, but come on, even this is a little outrageous. Even my luck can’t be this bad! Oh wait, it obviously can because it is. Its never been this bad before. :/ I must really be fucking up somewhere along the line.

You know, people always say I over exaggerate, however, after all this, in one week, please, I don’t want to hear it. Bad luck does exist and I deal with it to the extreme. Nothing good can ever happen without something worse happening in tune. That’s just how its always been for me. That’s my life.

Its funny considering I’ve never walked under a ladder, broken a mirror, or even seen a black cat in real life, or anything like that! :/ So I don’t know where this bad luck comes from. I was just born with it I guess. I think someone “upstairs” hates me. :/ I think I was born to fulfill some really fucked up joke, honestly.

Oh! Almost forgot the best news. Pete, I’ve told you all about him before, said that he got me an ipad mini for Christmas. He would give it to me in exchange for something else. Long story short, he ended up completely changing his story. Saying that he never bought it for me, he would only give it to me, of course, he sold it and never bothered to tell me that either. So he is out of my life. I can’t stand liars. My dad was one liar too many. I don’t need another one.

So yeah. That’s my week. Yes, this all has happened in the last 7 days. Fucked up, huh? Yeah, I think so too. Well, lets see what happened next, hm?

2 thoughts on “Worse Every Day”

  1. So you live in a van, and had all these electronics, but can’t afford an apartment? Who has 2 tablets and a phone and leaves it at McDonalds… when you go to the bathroom? Wasn’t someone watching it for you?

    • Just because someone has electronics or nice things doesn’t mean that they can afford a place to live. Remember, people aren’t usually born homeless. They become homeless. So just because I or other homeless people have nice things, doesn’t mean we can afford a place to live or even food in some cases. It’s really not so uncommon.

      And someone was watching it. A worker at the McD was. The store was empty of any other customers at the time. I was also really sick at the time. While I was gone, a whole group of customers came in and the employee couldn’t watch my stuff. That’s when it was stolen.


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